Florence Petiquay

Born in 1971, Florence Petiquay has lived in Manawan and several other towns in the Lanaudière region. Her happiest memories date from the time she was living with her grandparents. Her grandmother taught her how to do crafts, and since then she has painted, made jewelry and created decorative objects from birch bark. But it is her children she is most proud of. The mother of six children, she devotes herself full-time to her youngest son, who is autistic. She helps him to learn by playing, and the results have been excellent.

The actress who was supposed to play Délima didn’t show up for the first day of shooting. I’d met Florence Petiquay the night before at some friend’s place. After an audition of a few minutes, I gave her the role. Florence was spontaneous, natural, and her beauty radiated on screen.

 – Chloé Leriche