Jacques Newashish

Born in La Tuque in 1958, Jacques is an artist who expresses himself through painting and sculpture, as well as a story-teller and a singer. In his work he draws on Aboriginal traditions, which he updates in a unique and highly contemporary manner. He has made two short films with Wapikoni Mobile, MIGRATIONS (2009) and GAME OVER (2010). He is also active in numerous projects that seek to foster creativity among the youth in his community.

As a boy I played cowboys and Indians, of course. Sometimes I was D’Artagnan or Zorro, other times I was a soldier, dad, hunter or doctor. When I became a teenager, I was a student, Indian… sick, in love, sporty. I’ve been a lumberjack, log driver, Indian. After that, school bus driver, mechanic, guide, impresario, cultural activist, artist, singer, father, grandfather, Indian… Here I’m playing a cop, an Indian policeman, the father in a blended family. I could picture myself as my character because that sense of justice runs deep in me, it speaks to me. With the family, too, I can also relate. What I mean is that I might have experienced those same emotions.

I really liked the rhythm of filming. Of course there were intense, hard to express moments. Being directed, dredging up emotions buried deep inside you, facing the cameras and at the same time acting for a cause… But Chloé has a gift for bringing out the emotions in me, in us. Like I said, for the cause.

– Jacques Newashish