Kwena Bellemare Boivin

For seven years Kwena has devoted herself to singing and dancing, exploring both their traditional and contemporary expressions. She dances wearing the jingle dress, she sings with Northern Voice and she also sings pop music. In 2015 she performed in La Tuque, opening for Samian. She can also be seen on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network in the series La Brigade des Nations and Le Rythme, the First Nations version of The Voice.

Kwena’s goal is to become a singer, social worker or lawyer. Like the character she plays, in real life she is Rykko’s sister, and is herself very involved with her culture. Talking about the drums she says, “I was still in my mother’s womb and already I could hear that sound. I experience my culture through music and dance. To me it’s essential to practice it and to share it. I hope to become a lawyer so that I can be active in the causes that impact First Nations.

– Kwena Bellemare Boivin

You can look at the clip A Tribe Called Red ft. Northern Voice